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Borland Delphi

My favorite Delphi Companion Tools:

DUnit - this unit test framework has become my #1 insurance against sleepless nights

GExperts  - the additional boost that this plug-in tool gives to the Delphi IDE is invaluable!

CodeHealer - a great static analysis tool with on-the-fly code "healing" actions, interactivity with the code and IDE integration offered by no other known tool in its category.

Delphi "Find Component Reference" Wizard

The "Find Component Reference" Wizard for Delphi 6 is a package wizard that seeks to improve the workflow in switching between form editor and source editor. It is a two-way function to skip between a component on a form and its reference in the associated .pas unit.
It installs a new menu item "Find Selected Component in Source/Form" with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F in Delphi's "Search" menu.
Here's how it works:

A) While working in the source editor,
- Move cursor to a component name reference in the source code.
- Hit Ctrl+Shift+F
- The form editor is opened and the component of that name is selected.

B) While working in the form editor,
- select the component of interest (any component!)
- Hit Ctrl+Shift+F
- The source editor is brought up, and the cursor is positioned at the *2nd* reference (if available) to that component in the source code
  (the base assumption being that the 1st reference will be the component's listing in the form class declaration, which is usually not very interesting from a coding point of view).

The package is built and tested for Delphi 6.2, but it should be quite possible to rebuild for D5 or D7, the source code is included.


Breaking News (2006): With the kind enthusiasm of Leonel Togniolli and Erik Berry, this wizard has recently been immortalized in GExperts v1.30 (beta) - so unless you belong to some strange anti-GExperts-cult, I recommend taking advantage of that integration rather than using the above individual package! 


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